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Learning to learn - building a resilient learner

bulletSecurity. A strong learning foundation is laid down through the formation of patterns and connections in the brain. A structured life enables a child to feel confident to explore and learn and build on these connections.
bulletStimulation. Within a secure environment children can be given learning opportunities that are exciting and challenging. It can be as simple as chatting about raindrops trickling down a window pane.
bulletSupport. Confidence in learning comes from having someone to talk to and to listen. Children need support in what interests them.
bulletHolding back. Resilience in learning comes from having a go and failing sometimes. As parents we sometimes must step back and let children grapple with a problem and to learn it is not the end of the world to get it wrong. As parents we can nudge and hint and enable our children to move from ‘can’t do’ to ‘can do.’ A good way of doing this is to model learning. Become a visible learner and show your children that you don’t know everything and you too are learning all the time through listening ,seeing and doing. 
bulletEncouraging mistakes. If we stress a ‘correct’ way of doing things to our children we often stifle their confidence and self belief. Encouraging children to ‘have a go’ enables them to build powerful connections and networks that are not checked by our own beliefs in ‘correctness’ However being encouraged to grow up too fast can be overwhelming. To be a resilient learner the structure and guidance a family can give are still needed.

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