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As parents and carers dealing with the everyday challenges of family life it is all too easy to forget that we are simply the best teachers of our children. For many of us our own experiences of learning have not been good and we often pass on our attitudes to our children. Yet these bad experiences are rooted in four myths about learning.

bulletSchool is the best place to learn. As little as 15% of our time is spent in school. Although a good place to learn for many, learning does not start and finish at the school gate. 
bulletIntelligence is fixed. Research in the last 10 years has shown that although we are born with many abilities our brains change and develop throughout our lives and like a muscle the more it is used the fitter it becomes. 
bulletTeaching produces learning. Unless you are receptive to learning it doesn’t matter how good the teacher is you will not learn. Understanding your own learning style is the key. Some of us learn through movement— these are kinaesthetic learners, others learn more easily by visualising pictures and patterns, while auditory learners are most receptive to listening to information. 
bulletWe all learn the same way. Research suggests there are 7 types of intelligence. This means that your strengths will be in different areas. Often our type of intelligence reflects what we enjoy doing the most. You may enjoy words and patterns or you may be musical. Maths and problem solving may come easily to you. You may be good at map reading and seeing the big picture. Your expertise may lie in using your hands or you may have a strong self belief. Finally you may be a good communicator.

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